Why I Love “real” Soap

Handcrafted soaps are made by mixing water, oils (or fat) and lye. The resulting saponification process creates a solid composed of soap and glycerin.  Soap cleanses the skin and glycerin moisturizes it. Once saponification is complete, there is NO LYE left in the soap. Regardless of what people may have told you, you cannot make soap without lye. If someone tells you otherwise they are probably trying to sell you detergent made from synthetic products!

Did you know most of the commercial soap bars that line most grocery stores’ shelves are actually synthetic detergents?  Glycerin is the natural by-product of soap making that makes Handcrafted soap special. Because of its value, many soap companies remove it from their products and sell it to other manufacturers.  So by using handcrafted soap you get clean and moisture in one!

Learn more:  http://www.realhandmadesoap.com/folders/faq.htm


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